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Family member with man with Down syndrome


The Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) Assessment and Intervention Services (AIS) program is designed to provide person-centered services and supports to individuals with developmental challenges within the context of family homes, group homes and independent living arrangements. TMI staff, with input from the Interdisciplinary Planning Team, provide youth and adult participants, families, support staff and/or caregivers the tools necessary to help manage, reduce, and/or extinguish targeted behaviors.


It is TMI’s policy that staff or consultants will not utilize restrictive procedures. We contend that all behavior has communicative intent and it is our responsibility to discover its meaning and act on it in a way that preserves dignity, safety and the well being of others.


Further services also include, but are not limited to:


  • Comprehensive 30-day behavioral assessment and development of an Individualized Assessment Plan with functional analysis of target behaviors by a licensed clinician

  • Intensive behavioral consultation services in the home, school and the community by a licensed clinician

  • Development and implementation of Individualized Support Plans and Transition Plans

  • Ongoing social work support to families of origin and/or care providers

  • 24-hour on-call crisis phone support from a social worker

  • Person-centered services and supports to participants living in family homes, group homes and independent living arrangements

  • Ongoing training and support to families of origin and/or care providers to include behavioral interventions, acquisition of resources and assistance to implement the participant’s behavioral plan

  • Intensive support to families of origin and/or care providers in an effort to keep the participant in the least restrictive environment possible

    Please contact us for additional information.

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