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Man with an intellectual disability smiling

Toward Maximum Independence Testimonials

Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) takes great pride in providing services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and veterans with disabilities. The following statements are a testament to the work that we do to transform the lives of our clients each and every day!


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I don’t know where I would be without TMI. When I felt alone and desperate, they were there to tell me that I am ok and that I am not alone.


TMI has helped me from everything from interviewing, job searching and coaching, and being proactive with resume writing, cover letters, and following up. The assistance has paid off for me. I'm currently working two jobs.


TMI staff drove me to UCSD every day for two months. I never felt that they were doing it because it was their job; I always felt that they were doing it because they cared about me. They treated me as a family member with respect, consideration and support.


A client was homeless and not working before being referred to TMI. The client had this to say about her TMI Division Manager, “Thank you so much, Mary! When I meet with you, you give me self-esteem and confidence. I feel like a whole person again!"


Without TMI I would be in a nursing home. TMI is the reason that I am still living in my house with pride and dignity.


TMI helped me to get my first apartment. Because of TMI events I have seen and met old and new friends.


The reason I love TMI is because you care about my future and life and that means a lot to me and I'd like to thank you guys.


TMI helps me build better friendships and relationships with people and helps me with reaching my goals and dreams. They also helped me to become better organized and to stay on track.


Because of the help I receive from TMI, I am able to live a more independent and happy life.


My Facilitator helps keep me on track by helping me to budget my money. She makes a difference in my cat's health, and just being there for me.




B.G. (a TMI client) has accomplished a lot. I admire his discipline and the fact that B.G. has learned from his mistakes. He has come a long way. B.G. is well liked here and has made a lot of friends. BG will be an honorary part of the Veteran's Day Parade along with Tim (USS Midway Supervisor) who has really taken him under his wing.


Recently I had the privilege to gain a new coworker. His name is Michael and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with him. Every shift that we work together, I watch many people greet him personally with smiles and warmth. They ask how he is doing and express how glad they are to see him. I know that I am fortunate for this opportunity and hope that we will have many shifts together. Thank you for helping him to find his way to Vons!


Zachary, Noah, and Kyle all come into the office with a smile on their faces and have such great attitudes. Our office staff always looks forward to their next services. They are very helpful and always willing to do extra work. We are very happy with all three of them. Becki the Job Coach is also amazing. We always see her hustling and making sure that all three gentlemen are doing a good job. We appreciate all their hard work. They are a pleasure to work with.




I have so many wonderful things to say about TMI. For several years Casey has been in great hands with Greg Rickards, his Team Leader. Dennis Moran has done a fantastic job keeping Casey involved with wonderful job sites. The people he works with every day are very supportive and kind to Casey. Casey's daily work program (with his best friend Trevor) is the singular activity that gives Casey independent opportunities to be out in the community. He enjoys being "away" from "parents"! Thank you very much for your involvement in giving Casey these daily chances to interact with so many wonderful people.



I will always appreciate and will always be thankful to TMI for helping me with my son and family to accomplish goals that needed to be done and still helping, which I would have not been able to if I did not have TMI services.

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