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Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) provides day programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as programs tailored to meet the wishes of our clients. Our clients can absolutely enjoy the rewards of being a contributing member in society and have the satisfaction and pride that comes with having a job or volunteering. The TMI Employment Solutions program works with our clients to secure and maintain gainful employment in the community, if desired, and also works in collaboration with local businesses to develop volunteer opportunities for our clients. We offer a variety of innovative programs as listed below. Although paid work is the desired outcome for our clients, many are working as volunteers at a wide variety of nonprofit organizations throughout San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties.


Our Employment Solutions partners include several notable companies such as Smart & Final, Ross, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, VONS, Walmart, and many other outstanding companies. 

In addition, TMI assists local school districts to secure jobs for students in their last year of public education to help promote and ensure a smooth transition from school to adult life where jobs are the first order of business.

TMI Integrated Work Group

Integrated Work / Community Integration Services

San Diego & Imperial Counties

Designed to meet the employment and community integration needs of our clients; six hour day program that generally begins at 7:30 am and ends at 1:30 pm.

TMI Supported Employment Client

Supported Employment

San Diego & Riverside Counties

Provides job coaching services at a 1:1 Job Coach to client ratio for individual placements and 1:3 for group placements. Helps to develop the capabilities and strengths of all people desiring to work.

TMI Community Integration Training Group

Community Integration Training Program

Riverside County

Designed to immerse an individual into the community in which they live. It is a 100% community-based group environment, designed at a 3 to 1, client to Job Coach ratio.

Woman using sign language

Deaf and Hard of Hearning

San Diego & Riverside Counties

Our Supported Employment program includes services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

TMI TDS Client

Tailored Day Services

San Diego, Riverside & Imperial Counties

Clients choose and customize day services to meet their individual needs at a 1:1 ratio with a Facilitator. Program tailors our client’s day based on their personal choices, hopes and dreams.

Man learning to bake

Paid Internship Program

San Diego & Riverside Counties

Designed to encourage competitive integrated employment; work for which an individual is paid minimum wage or greater in a setting with others who do not have disabilities. The goal of this program is for future paid employment.

Latest Employment Solutions Client Stories

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