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Julie Casey

Julie Casey Honorary Fund

Julie Casey was a young woman with Down syndrome who Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) was proud to support for almost eight years. She lived in her own apartment and worked at her local public library. Julie's energy and enthusiasm were infectious. With her love of music and dance she was often the life of any TMI special event! Sadly, Julie died unexpectedly of complications from pneumonia only a few weeks before her 27th birthday in 1996. Her mother, Delores Casey, served on TMI’s Board of Directors for more than ten years. Both Delores and Julie contributed great energy and had a profound effect on all who knew and worked with them.
In honor of Julie, TMI renamed its Community Scholarship Fund the Julie Casey Honorary Fund. It provides cash grants to individuals receiving support from TMI for a variety of purposes. In Community Living Services, grants have helped our clients move from group homes to their own apartments, buy essential items for the transition to independence or even purchase a baby crib. In Employment Solutions, the fund has helped our clients purchase clothes for job hunting, bus passes, alarm clocks or other items necessary for employment. In Family Support Services, the fund has been used to send children to summer camp, assist with medication cost, purchase clothing at the beginning of placement and much more. In the past, the fund has been able to respond positively to hundreds of worthy applications.
Your support for fundraising activities or direct donations to the Julie Casey Honorary Fund help to continue to make a difference in the lives of people we support, as well as honor and celebrate Julie's all too brief life. Please donate below today or you can mail a check to 4740 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92123. We thank you in advance for your support!


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