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Dr. Shavonne Williams


Dr. Shavonne Williams is an acclaimed author of "Parentification: Unmasking Childhood Trauma" and a seasoned advocate with a comprehensive academic background and extensive experience in community outreach, program management, and resource coordination. Holding a Doctorate in Behavioral Science, a Master's in Psychology, and a Bachelor's in Christian Counseling from ACTS-IU University in San Diego, CA, Dr. Williams brings a deep understanding of human behavior and effective therapeutic interventions. With a Certificate in General Human Resources from the UCSD Extension and an Associate in Child Development from Southwestern Community College, Dr. Williams possesses a diverse skill set that combines leadership, communication, organizational skills, and problem-solving.

As a Program Director for Stepping Higher, Inc. CSF Parent Partner Program, Dr. Williams demonstrates proficiency in executing administrative tasks, preparing and analyzing reports, and providing supportive resources to families with ongoing cases with the Child and Family Well-Being Department. In addition, Dr. Williams administratively facilitates Stepping Higher, Inc.’s Community Education Seminars on vital topics such as domestic violence, substance use, and mental health. Dr. Williams prides herself on fostering collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders and facilitating workshops tailored to address crises within the African American and Latinx communities.

Dr. Williams is an innovative entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience owning and operating a licensed childcare facility serving San Diego County, including military personnel. To encourage others, Dr. Williams has work with Southwestern Community College's Child Development Department, to cultivate and mentor students. She offers guidance on operating childcare facilities, maintaining compliance with licensing institutions, and reinforcing the skills needed in superb

childhood education. As a result of her hard work, Dr. Williams is renowned for her insightful contributions to early childhood education and has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of childcare practices throughout the region.

As a result of her efforts in collaborating with citywide agencies, Dr. Williams has played a pivotal role in delivering childcare resources to her community and advocating for vulnerable populations. As a Family & Children Resource Liaison at Project Homeless, Dr. Williams provided support to at-risk families, particularly for children with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). While being a consultant for the San Diego Housing Commission Self Sufficiency Program, Dr. Williams leverages

exceptional interpersonal skills to inspire individuals and families toward self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Williams embodies the principles of equity, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity in all professional endeavors. Passionate about nurturing meaningful connections and facilitating positive change, Dr. Williams continuously seeks to advance the welfare of individuals and families across diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Dr. Shavonne Williams
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