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TMI Client Celebrates 20 Years with Walmart

Updated: May 15, 2019

This past September, Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) Supported Employment client, Joe, celebrated 20 years working at Walmart as a Cart Attendant. Joe loves being outside collecting carts, whether the weather is boiling hot, raining or a freezing 50 degrees! Joe says, "I really like the people I work with.” He has many great advocates at work, especially Crystal, who has always been a staunch supporter and friend to Joe. There are some perks to working 20 years at Walmart. According to Lupita in HR, Joe received:

* 1 week pay every anniversary * 10% LIFETIME discount * Plaque and certificate * Competitive pay

Congratulations, Joe!

Joe at Walmart

An estimated 1 in 6 people are born with a developmental disability. Just like you, they are born with hopes, dreams and the drive to contribute to society. Since 1981 Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) has transformed thousands of lives by providing assistance to children and adults with developmental disabilities, giving them the ability to realize their hopes and dreams.

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