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Third Times a Charm

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Five years ago, Gerard, who is deaf, was referred to the Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) Employment Solutions Deaf & Hard of Hearing program by the Department of Rehabilitation. From the moment he started with us, Gerard was persistent in his goal of finding a job. If someone was knocking at TMI Division Manager David May’s door, nine times out of ten it was Gerard. David knew he must meet Gerard’s aspirations with his own to ensure Gerard’s goal would be met. Gerard set out on his job search with David’s assistance and the help of the Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP), an alternate selection process designed to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of individuals with disabilities . He quickly had his heart set on working for the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Unfortunately, Gerard interviewed with EDD twice and was turned down both times. He didn’t give up…the third time was a charm for Gerard! Three years ago he began working at EDD in Chula Vista as a custodian and in February of this year was honored with the Certificate of Appreciation Award for Employee Excellence by the San Diego Employer Advisory Council. Gerard is doing so well in his position that TMI’s services are no longer required. He loves his job and the 200 employees in the EDD building appreciate his easy smile and great sense of humor. Congratulations, Gerard! (Pictured: Gerard with Rebecca Davidson, Employment Program Manager with the State of California)

Gerard with Rebecca Davidson

An estimated 1 in 6 people are born with a developmental disability. Just like you, they are born with hopes, dreams and the drive to contribute to society. Since 1981 Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) has transformed thousands of lives by providing assistance to children and adults with developmental disabilities, giving them the ability to realize their hopes and dreams.

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