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TMI Client who Lived in a Hotel for 10 Years Has a New Home and a New Lease on Life!

Anthony watering the plants at his new home

For more than 10 years, Anthony lived in a hotel because he couldn’t find affordable housing. As a new client with Toward Maximum Independence (TMI), a nonprofit serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Anthony expressed his dissatisfaction regarding his living situation to TMI Independent Living Case Manager Keltoum Cherki. Anthony wasn’t always able to shower due to water issues at the hotel. He also couldn’t have his friends and family over because of the limited space. In addition, Anthony felt that living in a hotel had taken a toll on his self confidence.

Less than a month after Anthony’s assessment with Keltoum, she was able to find him an apartment. Anthony completed the application, but he was denied due to his low income. Keltoum suggested that they contact his family and ask them to help him, but Anthony refused to do so. She suggested that perhaps she could call his parents and Anthony agreed. His parents then agreed to co-sign for the apartment and pay Anthony’s rent. Anthony was approved for the apartment and happily started his new chapter in life.

Anthony now lives in a nice one-bedroom apartment that is walking distance to the bus and he can take a shower anytime that he feels like it. Anthony has met new people in his complex and has made new friends, as well as hosted his friends and parents in his new home numerous times.

TMI Independent Living client Anthony in his new home
“I thank TMI for making an impossible dream come true,” said Anthony. “I still can't believe that I have my own apartment. I feel happy, independent and proud.”

With Anthony’s new home has come a sense of self-worth for him. He is now motivated to find employment to pay his own expenses.

“Making a difference in my client’s lives is a goal that I thrive for,” said Keltoum. “Seeing their smile or their breath of relief is priceless. I hope that Anthony's other dreams come true too.”

We hope so too! Congratulations on your new home, Anthony. We are confident that employment will be the next chapter for you!

(Thank you to Keltoum for contributing to this story and for being a wonderful TMI Case Manager.)

The TMI Independent Living program assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible at home with the necessary support. The program provides up to 80 hours a month of one-on-one support to adults with disabilities living in their own home. Services are focused on skill development and can include, but are not limited to:

· Money management

· Meal planning and preparation

· Shopping and accessing community resources

· Safety, health and household management

· Parenting education

· Budgeting, bill paying, financial management

· Community orientation, access and participation

· Accessing community resources

· Self-advocacy

· Social skills, relationship building


Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) has been transforming the lives of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1981 and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 2000. In 2020, we launched Disabled Veteran Employment Services. TMI strives to help our clients to realize their hopes and dreams by providing Employment Solutions, Community Living and Family Support Services throughout San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties. To stay connected with us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together we can share acceptance and awareness, ultimately contributing to further inclusion.


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